In the Summer 2010 issue


The Disease Chaser
By Michael Anft
Johns Hopkins pediatric professor Richard Kelley searches for clue to rare genetic disorders that, still too often, afflict Amish and Mennonite children.

Healing Art
By Mat Edelson
In Addiction and Art, Hopkins researchers Pat Santora and Jack Henningfield collect artistic interpretations of substance abuse to humanize addiction’s victims.

The Keys to Success
By Nick Romeo
A young Peabody student journeys from post-Soviet Odessa to Baltimore, from a cardboard piano to a Steinway Grand.

Immortal Cells, Enduring Issues
By Dale Keiger
Nearly 60 years after Hopkins surgeons removed cells from Henrietta Lacks’ body, those cells still live – as do ethical issues raised by a best-selling book about her.

The Buzz
By Sharon Tregaskis
Master beekeeper and NASA scientist Wayne Esaias, A&S ’67, turns to his hives for clues about global climate change.