In the Winter 2011 issue


Forgetting of Things Past
By Michael Anft
Researchers have unlocked a storehouse of secrets, beginning to unravel
why our memory fails us—and how to make us forget when we need to.

Unboxing History
By Bret McCabe
Nine decades of history rest in boxes at the Afro-American, where
student archivists have begun to shed light on thousands of underexplored lives.

Paying Attention to Distraction
By Dale Keiger
The swift saturation of technology has prompted new concerns
regarding the importance of concentration. Why is something as vital as
attentiveness so hard?

Stop That
By Kristen Intlekofer
People do a lot of things in the name of health. Not all of them are
healthful. Here are 10 practices that could do more harm than good.