Quote, unquote
December 2, 2009 |  by Johns Hopkins Staff

There are a lot of myths about [childless adults] in the sense that they are all healthy and they are all young. Some of them are sick. Most of them can’t afford coverage.
Lisa Dubay, associate professor of health policy, Bloomberg School of Public Health, quoted 10.11.09 in The Wall Street Journal

It feels degrading, somehow.
Diego Ardila, Hopkins undergraduate, as a film crew prepared to make Johns Hopkins stand in for Harvard during the filming of “The Social Network,” quoted 11.03.09 in The Baltimore Sun

I prefer to think that we play Harvard better than Harvard can play Harvard.
—Johns Hopkins spokesman Dennis O’Shea, quoted in the same Sun story.

It has always been so obvious to me why we need the liberal arts. It’s like asking, “Why do you need your hands, or why do you need the blood that flows through your veins?” . . . Imaginative knowledge is a way of looking at the world, relating to the world, and at the same time changing the world.
—Azar Nafisi, research associate at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11.09.09