Quote, unquote
June 2, 2010 |  by Johns Hopkins Staff

We give up. We’re fighting a losing battle here. And we strongly suspect the extra  “s” was a typo in the first place.

—University President Ron Daniel [sic], quoted in a press release announcing the changing of the university’s name to John Hopkins, and dated 4.1.10. (That would be April Fools’  Day.)

Parents and grandparents are like the National Guard—they’re called up to active duty when there’s a crisis. But while families may be moving in together to save money, they’re discovering the advantages of shared child and elder care and an enriched family life.

—Andrew Cherlin, professor of sociology at Johns Hopkins, quoted in Parade, 5.2.10.

With just one geriatrician for every 10,000 adults over 75, primary care physicians are being called on to provide geriatric care for our rapidly aging population. In fewer than 20 years, one of every five Americans will be over 65, amounting to more than 70 million people. We need to act now, and act aggressively, to improve the geriatric education of all physicians.

—Chad Boult, professor and director of the Roger C. Lipitz Center for Integrated Health Care at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, quoted in the May 2010 issue of Health Affairs.

Nobody is doing more to address the tragedy of sexual abuse of minors than the Catholic Church.

—Paul McHugh, professor of psychiatry at the School of Medicine, quoted in the National Catholic Register, 4.20.10.

Tenure prohibits mandatory retirement by federal law. It’s the only job where you can’t force turnover. That has a deadening effect on innovation.

—Francis Fukuyama, professor of international development at the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, quoted on academic tenure in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 05.03.10.