Alumni Notes
August 31, 2011 |  by Johns Hopkins Staff


Robert “Bob” Resnick, A&S ’43, ’49 (PhD), is honored to have the American Association of Physics Teachers rename their undergraduate teaching award the Robert Resnick and David Halliday Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching. The naming commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1960 publication of their pioneering introductory physics textbook—still used worldwide today.


Mary C. Kattus, Nurs ’45, has 16 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She spends her time walking, reading, and visiting with friends and family.


James E. McDonnell II, A&S ’49, was planning to retire when he moved to Florida but got into real estate and growing citrus instead.


Alan Hofmann, A&S ’52, Med ’55, received the Herbert Falk Medal from the Falk Foundation, a German foundation that promotes educational activities for physicians.

Bernard J. Paris, A&S ’52, ’59 (PhD), has published Heaven and Its Discontents: Milton’s Characters in Paradise Lost (Transaction, 2010).

Stewart M. Wolff, Med ’52, HS ’53, is retired and devotes himself to extracurricular activities.


Joan W. Gardner, Nurs ’56, has moved to Mexico Beach, Florida.

H. Thomas Hall, Engr ’56, formerly with Martin Marietta, began a second career as a certified tax professional. He and his wife live in Colorado and celebrated their 51st anniversary last year.

Dale D. Stewart, A&S ’56, an emergency room doctor in Bakersfield, California, has published 135 Life Principles: Life in America from a Different Point of View (Xlibris Corporation, 2010).


Anthony Boccuti, A&S ’57, a retired U.S. Army colonel and professor, is living in Towson, Maryland.

George O. Gey Jr., A&S ’57, is becoming a great-grandfather.

Nancy Fidler Parr, Nurs ’57 (Dipl), is sad to announce the death of her husband, Duane Parr, on January 3.


Richard “Dick” O. King, A&S ’61, a commercial real estate broker and appraiser, is president of Richard O. King & Associates, located in Columbia, Maryland. He and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year.


Carl Hammerstrom, Med ’62, enjoyed the food, wine, and museums of Paris with his wife, Linda, and their friends in February.


Stuart H. Lessans, A&S ’63, is home full time with his twins, who are in fourth grade in Rockville, Maryland.

Ronald P. Spark, A&S ’63, is the medical director of New Pueblo Medicine Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona.


Julee Garman Huss, Nurs ’66 (Dipl), works in geriatrics and infection control in Pennsylvania.


Donald L. Trump, A&S ’67, Med ’70, ’74 (PGF), HS ’75, is president and CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

Marc A. Whaley, A&S ’67, was named a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.


Betty N. Bonas, Nurs ’69 (Cert), works in utilization management and enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren. You can email her at


David Lance Clark, A&S ’71, is director of the Civil Affairs Division of the United Nations Mission in Sudan. Clark writes that his team’s primary job is to help prevent and mitigate violent conflicts and to help manage the separation of the south. His wife, Nancy, is also in Sudan, working for the United Nations.

John Eckstein, SAIS Bol ’71 (Dipl), SAIS ’73, an attorney, is corporate finance director and shareholder of Fairfield and Woods P.C. in Denver.

Harry Quigley, Med ’71, HS ’75, of the Wilmer Eye Institute, received the Lesley Dana Gold Medal, awarded by the St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired, for his work in the field of glaucoma in April.

J. Ronald Rowes, A&S ’71, a medical director at the North Shore Long Island Jewish Healthcare System, was appointed assistant professor of population health at the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine.

Harry Singleton, A&S ’71, remarried a few years ago and is planning his retirement, which will include six months in the United States and six months in Brazil.

Lauren J. Walters, A&S ’71, is CEO of Two Degrees (, a food company with a mission to make a meaningful dent in severe malnutrition.

Philip Wiehe, A&S ’71, is temporarily serving as the interim rector at Calvary Episcopal Church in Memphis.


Francesca Northrup, Nurs ’72, Ed ’74 (MEd), will be vice chair of the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show.

Liam O. Purdon, A&S ’72, an English professor at Doane College, edited Conversations with Tom Robbins (University Press of Mississippi, 2011).

Warren W. Schultz, SPH ’72 (PhD), is the associate superintendent of the chemistry division at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington.


Gérard Dubois, SPH ’73, writes that he was elected a full member of the National Medical Academy in March.


Vicki Porter, A&S ’74 (MA), ’77 (PhD), lives in London and is head of discovery and engagement at the Wellcome Trust, a biomedical research organization.


Michael J. Kelly, A&S ’75 (PhD), president and CEO of On Call International, was appointed president of the U.S. Travel Insurance Association in June. Kelly previously served as vice president and is a founding board member.

Bernard Welt, A&S ’75, a professor at Corcoran College of Art and Design, published Dreaming in the Classroom: Practices, Methods, and Resources in Dream Education (SUNY Press, 2011).


George J. Grabowski Jr., A&S ’76 (MA), received the 2010 Peter R. Vail Award from ExxonMobil Exploration Company in recognition of his technical accomplishments in geosciences over his career.

Jonathan Krant, A&S ’76, SPH ’83, a former clinical rheumatologist, is vice president of clinical research for a microcap biotech firm in Cambridge. Call him if you are visiting Boston.

Patricia (Stawovy) Miller, A&S ’76, a pediatrician in Pittsburgh, has three children in college and one in high school.

Robert J. Moses, A&S ’76, lives in New Hampshire and has two children attending Brown University. You can get in touch with him at

Marta Vielhaber, A&S ’76, chief of allergy and immunology for Kaiser-Permanente in Ohio, is married with a daughter in high school.


Shana J. Heppner, Ed ’77 (MA), and her husband are happily retired in Florida.

Alan F. Peterson, A&S ’77, retired in January after working for Uncle Sam for 34 years. He is moving on to a second career in the private sector.

Wayne Shandera, Med ’77, received the 2011 Saint Martin de Porres Award from the Southern Dominican Friars of Houston on May 5 for his ongoing work at health clinics in Guatemala.

Elizabeth A. Shapiro, Nurs ’77 (Cert), is involved in her practice, health education, and research projects, as well as enjoying her 2-year-old granddaughter.

Maryrita Burgan Wittstadt, Nurs ’77, is a school nurse in Baltimore County and became a grandmother in June.


Angela Aleiss, A&S ’78, recently appeared in the PBS documentary Reel Injun about the history of Native Americans in Hollywood. She’s also featured on The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season.

Deborah Spratt, A&S ’78 (MA), ’88 (PhD), received the L.C. Charlesworth Professional Service Award from the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta in April.


Stuart W. Davidson, A&S ’79, a partner with Willig, Williams & Davidson, was reappointed vice chair of the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners in April and was named a 2011 Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters.

Helen Hooper, A&S ’79, was named a 2011–2012 Stegner Fellow in fiction at Stanford University.

Shahzad Rizvi, SAIS ’79, a former government analyst, has published Behind the Veil (Wordclay, 2011), The Last Resident (Smashwords, 2010), and A Window in the Wall (Smashwords, 2011).


Steven R. Chicurel, Peab ’80, a professor of theater at the University of Central Florida, was awarded a competitive sabbatical for fall 2011.

Donald W. Koran, A&S ’80 (MA), ’82 (PhD), a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, was nominated to serve as the U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Rwanda in April.


Adrian Roe, A&S ’81, an attorney, lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, who is also an attorney, and their three children.


John Thomas Dodson, Peab ’83, conducted a recording in Russia with the Omsk Philharmonic Orchestra, which was released in May. His website is

Mark S. Schlissel, Med ’83, ’86 (PhD), was named provost of Brown University in April.


Kevin Smith, Peab ’84 (MA), ’05 (PhD), teaches at the Lawrenceville School in Princeton, New Jersey, and married Xiaochun Zhang on August 10, 2010, in Urumqi, China.


Sharon Sirota Rubin, A&S ’85, has joined the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as special counsel for the Division of Recoveries and Financial Services.


Matt Borsch, A&S ’86, covers the health care services industries for Goldman Sachs and lives in Bronxville, New York, with his wife and son.

Andrew Jay Goldberg, A&S ’86, is the co-founder of Pain Management Physicians of South Florida in Coral Springs, Florida.

William C. Jones, SAIS ’86, is a resident senior fellow at the Joint Special Operations University, which is a part of the United States Special Operations Command.


Pierre Englebert, SAIS Bol ’87 (Dipl), ’88, a Pomona College professor, received the 2011 Wig Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching in May.

Brenda Greenberg, A&S ’87, a public affairs officer for the U.S. Department of State, “encourages other Hopkins grads to consider public service as a career.”

Roderick K. King, Engr ’87, has been selected as one of the Fulbright NEXUS Scholars 2011–2012. King will participate in a yearlong program centering on “Advancing Health in the Caribbean through Leadership Development.”

Doug McLeod, A&S ’87, was appointed the energy commissioner of Maui County, Hawaii, in December 2010. McLeod, a former environmental lawyer, continues to work on renewable energy systems.


Regina “Ginny” Lee Fite, A&S ’88 (MLA), has published I Should Be Dead by Now (, 2010).

Robert Lee Gould, A&S ’88 (MLA), recently retired from the U.S. Air Force and Maryland Air National Guard after 27 years of service and was recognized with the Legion of Merit award.

Kenneth Harvey Homer Jr., Bus ’88, a senior analyst at BRTRC Inc., a technology resource organization, is assigned to U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command.

Maurice Linbergh Jones Jr., Engr ’88, is the owner of Jones Farm, located in Harford County, Maryland.

Amy Marshall Lambrecht, A&S ’88, is the associate vice president for resource development at Women in Cable Telecommunications.


Louis Harold Joseph, SAIS ’89, has served as Haiti’s ambassador to the United States since September 14, 2010.

Lisa (Weisbord) Rosenberg, A&S ’89, was appointed president, North America, for Euro RSCG Worldwide, a public relations agency headquartered in New York.


James Dire, A&S ’90 (MA), A&S ’98 (PhD), was recently appointed vice chancellor for academic affairs at the University of Hawaii-Kauai Community College.


Kelly Mansfield Brown, A&S ’91, returned to Johns Hopkins in April as the associate dean for external affairs at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.


Dorothy Jean Dustmann, Ed ’92 (MA), is an early intervention teacher at the Baltimore Infants and Toddlers Program.


Charles T. Gibson, A&S ’93, is doing development and teaching for More Than Carpentry Christian Ministries, a job-training program for St. Louis–area underprivileged residents.

Eddie Tuvin, Bus ’93 (MBA), vice president of Capital Bank, received the 2011 SBA DC Financial Services Champion award on May 11 in Arlington, Virginia.


Angela Foehl, SPH ’94, is director of public policy for the American Art Therapy Association.

Jenny Lin, A&S ’94, Peab ’98 (AD), released Musica Callada (Silent Music), a collection of 28 aphoristic piano works composed by Federico Mompou.


Simon E. Fraser, A&S ’95, a member of the business law department of Cozen O’Connor and resident in the Wilmington, Delaware, office, concentrates his practice within the bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring group.

Kirstin Bruner Leighton-Lucas, A&S, ’95, lives in Washington with her husband and their new son, Tamerlane James Leighton-Lucas.

Anita Samarth, Engr ’95, co-authored Electronic Health Records for Dummies (Wiley Publishing, 2011).

Anthony Spearman-Leach, A&S ’95, is development and communications director for Montgomery Community Media in Rockville, Maryland.


Lynlee Altman, Engr ’96, president of Pinnacle Construction, and 25 other small business owners participated in a session with President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to discuss the status of access to capital in April.

Douglas Backhous, Med ’96 (PGF), a former Johns Hopkins Fellow, has joined the neurology program at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. Backhous oversees the center for hearing and skull-based surgery.

Jeff Booth, A&S ’96, is manager of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Astronomy and Physics Competed Missions and Technology Office. Booth and his family have also purchased an old hunting cabin in California.

C. Noelle Flaherty, Nurs ’96, completed her master of science degree in 2010.

Chris Guest, Engr ’96, and Rae Lynn Prengaman Guest, Engr ’96, of Arlington, Virgina, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Riordan James Guest, on December 31, 2010. Chris is a solo attorney, and Rae Lynn is a patent attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Samantha Marks, A&S ’96, is working on her doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology and is mom to 2-year-old Sophie.


Janet Hammond, Med ’97 (PGF), SPH ’99, is a vice president at Roche, a New Jersey biotech company.


Jake Boritt, A&S ’98, a filmmaker living in New York, wrote and produced The Gettysburg Story, an audio tour and guide.

Constance Hays Matsumoto, Bus ’98 (MS), owner of Pabríque, a custom interior design company, is now associated with Girls Quest, a nonprofit that provides enrichment programs to low-income families and disadvantaged girls in New York. For more information, visit

Eric Newan, Engr ’98, and his firm, TFS Capital, were featured in a May 13 article in USA Today as a manager of an “All-Star Mutual Fund.”

Seema (Menon) Shah, A&S ’98, lives in New York and is proud to announce the birth of her third child, Arya.


Craig Enger, Bus ’99, has released his fourth music album, Coastline. Profits from the album, which can be found on iTunes, go to charity.

Thomas A. Foster, A&S ’99 (MA), A&S ’02 (PhD), published New Men: Manliness in Early America (NYU Press, 2011).

Randolph Joalahliae, SAIS ’99, published The Indian As an Enemy: An Analysis of the Indian Question in East Africa (AuthorHouse, 2010).

Holly (Thesieres) Monteith, A&S ’99, ’10 (MA), and her husband, Ian, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Morgan Kyle.

Amy Mason Saharia, A&S ’99, is completing a clerkship with the Hon. Sonia Sotomayor on the U.S. Supreme Court and is married to Kapil Saharia, A&S ’99, a fellow at the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health. They live in Silver Spring, Maryland.


William R. Davis Jr., Engr ’00, recently joined RETTEW, an engineering design firm in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Captain Joshua Mitchell, Engr ’00, a third-year medical resident at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, went to the final round in the highly spirited Doctor’s Dilemma medical jeopardy game at the American College of Physicians’ internal medicine meeting.


Noelia Cantu, Bus ’01, ’04 (Cert), ’06 (MBA), is director of clinical research administration at the Center for Surgical Trials and Outcomes Research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Simone (Leslie Strothers) Jack, A&S ’01, is a captain in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps. Her husband, Jason Jack, A&S ’03, is a first lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps for the U.S. Army and returned from his deployment to Iraq in June 2010. They are stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, with their first child, Asa Nathaniel.

Brian Josias, A&S ’01, lives in Chicago with his wife, Risa, and works at a boutique litigation firm, Cotsirilos, Tighe & Streicker Ltd., where his practice focuses on white-collar criminal defense and complex commercial litigation.

Julie B. Mallinger, A&S ’01, lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband, Arvind Bakhru, Engr ’99, and their two young daughters.

Lauren Rothkopf, A&S ’01, is completing her master of public health degree at Temple University and is married with a son.

Paul Staehle, A&S ’01, SPH ’03, and Mary McDonald Staehle, Engr ’04, were married on July 31, 2010, in New Jersey. Many Hopkins alumni attended the wedding, including former members of the Johns Hopkins University band and swim team.


Stephen Eisele, A&S ’02, SAIS Bol ’02 (Dipl), SAIS ’03, ran for Congress in the 2011 special election for California’s 36th Congressional District. Both Matthew Sullivan, A&S ’02, and Shawn Shaffie, A&S ’03, took part in his campaign.

Michael Little, A&S ’02, is a senior investment adviser for Grant/GrossMendelsohn LLC, headquartered in Baltimore.


Lauren M. Pettiford-Maragh, A&S ’03, and Kevin D. Maragh, A&S ’04, were married on May 30, 2009.

Linda Brown Rivelis, Bus ’03, and her husband, Steven Rivelis, are the founders of Eye Byte Solutions—a Baltimore-based Web, design, and new media studio. The company was recently named an American Design Awards winner for its corporate identity work.

Christopher E. Wong, Engr ’03, ’05 (MS), and his wife, Anna Barrueco Wong, are the owners of Green Spring Diapers, a cloth diaper service in Baltimore.


Marina Koestler Ruben, A&S ’04, ’08 (MA), and Adam Ruben, A&S ’08 (PhD), welcomed their daughter, Maya Kamari Ruben, on April 20. Adam is a molecular biologist and Marina has published How to Tutor Your Own Child (Ten Speed Press, 2011).


Jonathan Grover, Engr ’05, has launched a social enterprise called iN4P, which partners with nonprofits, charities, and NGOs to provide them with mobile technology to help them increase their constituency. You can view their website at

Michael Kong, Engr ’05, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a site reliability operations engineer for Facebook.


Bettina Chiu, A&S ’06, lives in Boston and works in acquisitions for a private equity real estate fund.

Alia Hdeib, Med ’06, a neurosurgery resident at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, received the 2011 Society of Neurological Surgeons Resident Award in May.


Wendi Brown, Bus ’07, was awarded the Bronze Star for her service in Afghanistan. Brown has been deployed under the Army Sustainment Command and is charged with providing trained and ready Army Reserve soldiers to support mission requirements.

Kevin Byrnes, Engr ’07 (MSE), ’09 (PhD), and his firm, TFS Capital, were featured in a May 13 article in USA Today as a manager of an “All-Star Mutual Fund.”

Elizabeth Grice, Med ’07 (PhD), a medical science researcher and postdoctoral fellow at the National Human Genome Research Institute, has been named the recipient of the Luther College Young Alumni Award for 2011. Grice hopes that the results of her research and studies will eventually reveal more to medical scientists and practitioners about the dividing line between healthy and diseased skin.


Stephen Kampa, A&S ’08 (MFA), recently published Cracks in the Invisible: Poems (Ohio University Press, 2011).

Yasmene Mumby, A&S ’08, Ed ’10 (MAT), teaches seventh and eighth grade social studies at the KIPP Ujima Village Academy, a charter school in Baltimore City. Mumby is actively working to keep the KIPP charter schools open in Baltimore.

Correction: In the Summer 2011 issue, the class note for Dale D. Stewart, A&S ’56, was incorrect.  The correct submission from Stewart appears on page 65. We regret the error.