In the Spring 2011 issue


Into Africa
Interviews by Michael Anft
In their own words, Johns Hopkins researchers and health professionals
tell how “the dark continent” has illuminated their work and their lives.

The Curse of the Golden Egg
By Dale Keiger
SAIS’s Peter M. Lewis explores why resource-rich African countries have
been plagued by economic disparity, corrupt governments, and civil strife.

20 Questions: Africa Edition
By Brennen Jensen
Everything you ever wanted to know about Africa. Johns Hopkins faculty,
alumni, and students field questions – big, small, and out of the blue.

My Mom, My Avatar
By Piper Weiss, A&S ’00
Through her blog, My Mom the Style Icon, Piper Weiss shows that pictures
of your mother taken B.C. (before children) can inspire fascination – and fashion.

Redefining Webster’s
By Joshua Kendall, A&S ’91 (MA)
Johns Hopkins’ first president was a man of science, but he was also a lover
of words who helped turn Webster’s into the evidence-based dictionary we know today.