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September 3, 2010 |  by Greg Rienzi

In the tradition of violin making, Giovanni Paolo Maggini holds a distinguished pedigree and place. The Italian, who made instruments between 1590 and 1630, learned his trade from Gasparo da Salo, dubbed the father of all fiddle makers. An exacting craftsman, Maggini only made 60 or so instruments in his lifetime. Collectors have long prized […]

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$2 million scholarship supports gay students

June 2, 2010 |  by Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson

The hardships of a longtime friend have stayed with Tristan Rhodes for decades. The friend is a woman whose life took a dramatic turn after she came out as a lesbian to her family. “She is a great thinker and an extremely talented writer who would have been a great literary talent,” Rhodes says. “She […]

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