August 27, 2009 |  by Johns Hopkins Staff

1931: George B. Wilson, A&S ’31, died at the age of 100 on March 26.

1937: Jennis Roy Galloway, Engr ’37, died of cancer May 1.

1937: Clarence Philip “Birdie” Manger, Engr ’37, died August 19, 2008.

1940: Sylvan A. Dogoloff, A&S ’40, who lived in Upper Park Heights, Baltimore, and was formerly a public school administrator and teacher, died on March 31.

1942: Esta Maril, Bus ’42, a retired Park School social work consultant, died April 17 at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

1943: William R. Evitt, A&S ’43, A&S ’50 (PhD), died in Saratoga, California, on March 22. He was professor of geology at Stanford University for 25 years.

1943: J. Ben Rosen, Engr ’43, a pioneer in the area of mathematical programming who helped establish computer science departments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota, died on April 28.

1945: Alma Catherine Huber Olofson, Nurs ’45, of Columbus, Ohio, died on April 16. She worked as a nurse/teacher and finished her career at the Worthington Public Library.

1947: Howard P. Thomas Jr., SAIS ’47 (MA), a pediatrician, died on May 4.

1947: Philip L. Walker Jr., Engr ’47, ’48 (MS), a materials scientist, died on March 22. He published more than 300 scholarly articles and held numerous patents.

1948: Worth B. Daniels, Med ’48, a retired prominent internist and Baltimore philanthropist, died on July 9 at his Roland Park home.

1949: Christopher “Chric” Lamb, Engr ’49, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, died March 25. He retired in 1988 from the Baltimore-Warner Paper Co., where he established the envelope division.

1949: Marjorie E. Lerner, Peab ’49, died on February 27.

1951: Robert “Page” Gary, A&S ’51, a military officer of 32 years, died on May 6. Having retired to Sarasota in 1976, he enjoyed sailing, racquetball, and a second career in real estate.

1951: Alford Justin Rarick, A&S ’51 (MS), died on April 21. After working as a geophysicist, he retired from the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Michigan in 1993.

1952: H. Richard Dick Gruninger, A&S ’52, who worked for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co., died on April 22.

1952: Richard B. Sener, A&S ’52, passed away on April 28.

1952: Robert R. Williams, A&S ’52, passed away in September 2008.

1953: Jo Ann Franklin Sharrer, Nurs ’53, died on May 17.

1955: Edward Townsend Habermann, A&S ’55, died at his home in Chappaqua on April 19. He was a full-time staff member in orthopedic surgery at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

1956: Ann Hennessey, Ed ’56 (MEd), died in September 2008. A former teacher in Baltimore County, she opened a private practice in counseling and psychotherapy and was a published author and poet.

1956: Thomas G. McWilliams Jr., Engr ’56, passed away on April 23. He served in leadership positions in the engineering departments of West Virginia Institute of Technology and Widener University.

1957: Elizabeth Jean Wallace Hill, Nurs ’57, died on March 23.

1957: Thomas Wilton Owens, Engr ’57, a former electrical engineer who restored and operated Howard County’s historic Cider Mill Farm, died on April 28.

1959: Paul Cox, Engr ’59, of Glen Allen, Virginia, died on April 13. He was a very active member of Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering’s National Advisory Council and the Society of Engineering Alumni.

1962: Theodore David Jump, Ed ’62 (MEd), who taught in the Carroll County public schools, died on May 8. He used his struggle with bipolar disorder and alcoholism to counsel students and young adults.

1962: Donald F. Koenig, A&S ’62 (PhD), a biophysicist, has died.

1963: Paul D. Imre, SPH ’63, who fought in World War II and was director of the Southwestern Community Mental Health Center, died on May 23. He also had a private practice as a licensed psychologist.

1963: Ola de Ribert Kajanus, Peab ’63, died March 16.

1963: Siegfried Julio Schwantes, A&S ’63 (PhD), a Seventh-Day Adventist educator, ordained minister, and author of several books, died on June 1, 2008.

1969: Harry Allen Franks, Bus ’69, of Salem, Virginia, who worked for the County of Roanoke for more than 25 years, passed away on May 1, 2009.

1970: Leo Clifton Rigsby, A&S ’70 (PhD), died on February 6.

1970: Lawrence J. Viernstein, Engr ’70 (PhD), died at his home in New York City on March 10. He spent most of his career working for the Applied Physics Laboratory.

1971: David G. Kogut, A&S ’71, died at home on April 30. He retired from a successful medical practice in 2006.

1974: Joseph I. Pines, A&S ’74 (MLA), a retired Baltimore Circuit Court judge and volunteer, died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease on April 16.

1979: Patricia “Tricia” Kummerow, Ed ’79 (MA), a retired teacher who helped raise funds for local charities and educational institutions, died on May 12.

1991: Terry Allen Kauffman, Ed ’91 (MS), a longtime resident of Lititz, Pennsylvania, died on May 10. He retired as athletic director for the Warwick School District in 2005.

1991: Joan H. Williams, Bus ’91, who was vice president of human resources at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Health System until her retirement in the late 1990s, died on April 30.

1992: David Scott Miller, Engr ’92 (MS), ’95 (PhD), died on May 7. He was a scientist and engineer working for Fluor Hanford.

1994: Mark Desautels, SAIS ’94 (MA), vice president of wireless Internet development at CTIA, died on March 30. Previously, he was the Washington-based business and economics reporter for a chain of business news weeklies owned by Scripps-Howard.

1998: Diane Elizabeth Campbell, SPH ’98 (PhD), passed away in Thetford, Vermont, on May 23. She was an active volunteer and advocate for others throughout her life.