In the Summer 2011 issue


Man in the Middle
By Michael Anft
Atheists and religious fanatics are equally wrong about God, argues professor William Egginton in a new book. Just a little belief, he says, means a lot.

“Mom! It’s Ballet!”
By Dale Keiger, A&S ’11 (MLA)
Last fall, Peabody Dance began training a troupe of little boys in ballet. By spring, they had discipline, moves, and a new French vocabulary.

The Johns Hopkins Magazine Not-Exactly-What-You’d-Call-Breezy Summer Reading List
By Michael Anft, Ann Finkbeiner, Dale Keiger, Gadi Dechter, A&S ’03 (MA), Kristen Intlekofer, Hollis Robbins
Although they may require a little effort, these six summer reads are well worth the time.

Oh, the Places They Go
By Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson
Thinking about a trip this summer? We travel — vicariously, at least — with Johns Hopkins faculty to Cuba, Germany, Syria, Nepal, and Italy.